Cryptowall Virus

Cryptowall Doug Miller jr   Jesse James, Patty Hurst, Munich, computer geek? I am instantly reminded of a childhood song that starts “One of these things is not like the other”. Yet they are actually more similar than you think. There is a new way to hold someone hostage or to take someone’s money only… Read More »

Identity theft Dumpster Diving

Roger Bradley Project 2 Dumpster Diving Rose State College February 14, 2013 The first business I checked was a medical clinic. I thought I would get lucky with medical media or medical paperwork. As I sorted through the trash I found nothing medical. Most of these facilities hire shredder trucks like Iron Mountain to pick… Read More »

Employment Policy Template

Roger Bradley Principles of Information Security May 8, 2013 Employment Policy   New Employees All new employees will go through orientation to learn about company policies and the employee handbook. All new employees must sign in and setup their BTT account in the human resources management system (instructions on how to do this will be… Read More »

How To Conduct Information Security Analysis

Conduct Information Security Analysis An INFOSEC analysis determines if each system meets requirements set forth by the security policy. The certification team must have enough documentation and training on the system as both administrators and end users. Reviewing and training on the system is critical for the design analysis. Some of the inputs that will… Read More »

Intrusion Detection Systems New and Opensource

Intrusion Detection System Roger Bradley Rose State College 1 Introduction There are two types of IDS systems. There are host based and network based systems. A host based system is installed on host computers in the internal network whereas a network based system is installed on the network of the organization. A network based system… Read More »

The AIDS Virus Network Security

The AIDS virus was first discovered in the early nineties, the virus was quickly detected and isolated. The AIDS virus is an old virus that was around before high-speed internet was readily available. Since it didn’t have an always-on connection, it was much easier to isolate the virus. The most common way to infect another… Read More »

History Of Fedora

Fedora is a community of open source software developers from around the world. These developers feel that all software should be open source. The Fedora mission is to lead in advancement for open source technologies, meaning freely distributed amongst the community. I, myself, am an open source promoter and continue to use lots of open… Read More »

Dell XPS A2420 loud Fan Fix All in One

This looks like a problem that been around for a long time. We i discovered a fix today. The xps 2420 i was working on start running the fans at 100%. The fans were really loud. I read on the internet that you have to send it back to dell. The problem seems to be… Read More »